Ornamental Gateway Pailou

Ornamental Gateway Pailou sketchup model preview - SketchupBox

Ornamental Gateway Pailou sketchup model preview - SketchupBox

Ornamental gateway traditional Chinese paifang architecture sketchup 3d model.

A Pailou is a traditional style of Chinese architectural arch or gateway structure. In English, it is often referred to as a Chinese Archway. Found throughout East Asia, Pailous were traditionally built as monumental gateways marking significant areas like imperial residences, parks, temples, tombs or entrance of a city.

Pailous have a variety of designs, from simpler wooden versions to more elaborate stone or brick structures adorned with detailed carvings and inscriptions. They are typically composed of several posts supporting a series of horizontal beams and can be one to three stories tall. These archways can range in complexity and may comprise multiple tiers of roofs.

They symbolize honor and respect. During Imperial China, the construction of a Pailou required permission from the Emperor himself as it was considered a sacred architectural element. Over time, they have become integral to Chinese culture and are frequently constructed in commemoration of important events or individuals.

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